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MB Inspection offers a full range of pipe and plate scanners covering diameters from 3” to flat plate. The system based on the original Tank Floor Tester (TFT) and uses the magnetic flux leakage method. This enables the scanners to deftect corrosion pitting on the top and bottom surfaces of all carbon steel pipe and plate.

The system (Pipescan or Handscan) allows the operator to carry out a rapid, cost effective survey of above ground, non insulated piping or plate to identify corroded areas.

Non-Invasive Inspection
Pipe or plate thickness up to 19mm can be examined using this method. A LED array allows the operator to locate areas of corrosion as they are traversed by the scanner. Such areas are then visually and ultrasonically examined to identify defective areas.

Covers large areas quickly
Approximately one kilometre of pipe can be 100% inspected in four shifts using Pipescan.

System Features 

  • Inspection using a 150mm wide scanning head.
  • Adjustable scanning heads provide complete coverage of 3” and greater diameter pipe.
  • Audible and visual alarm capability.
  • Typical Defect Sensitivity
  • 30% wall loss in 6.4mm thick pipe
  • 40% wall loss in 12.5mm thick pipe
  • 60% wall loss in 19mm thick pipe 
  • Light weight and battery operated.
  • Easy to apply.


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