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The Saferad Radiographic System

This system allows barriers to be set at 2 metres or less. In this way it virtually eliminates the usual disruption to construction, maintenance and process operations, resulting in significant savings to our Clients.

The critical reduction in stray radiation is achieved by directing the radiation beam to target only the area under examination. The Saferad system delivers the potential for continuous radiography and the shortening of construction and maintenance programs.

Personnel Evacuation Unnecessary
The safe 2 metre barricaded area eliminates disruption to normal personnel movement and makes it easier for radiographers to control and monitor the area. Even smaller areas are possible if additional GammaBlok® is used.

  • Nucleonic Controls Unaffected
  • Nucleonics instruments and controls can be operated in close proximity to Saferad.

The operating system includes a source position indicator and automatic source securing mechanism. The safety features of this technique are unequalled and have been demonstrated to the UK Health and Safety Executive.

Accurately controlled radiation beam for all radiographic techniques, directional, panoramic and projection. With a weight of 9 to 15 kg the handy sized container complies with the latest requirements of BS5650 and ISO3999. It can be used with an Se-75 source of up to 80 curies.

New Se75 (Selenium) Isotope
This radioactive isotope emits “softer” radiation and produces superior quality radiographs when compared with Iridium 192. The 120 half life of Se75 reduces source change out frequency. Demonstrated steel penetration on over 70mm wall thickness duplex stainless steel.


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