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Spider Remote Scanner

“Spider” Remote Tank and Vessel Scanner

MB Inspection deploys the ScanTech C1 Spider for ultrasonic examination of remote areas on tanks and vessels.

The Spider, designed for scanning large tanks and vessels, is essentially a four-wheel drive scanner connected to control and data processing systems by a 30m umbilical cord. It attaches to the tank or vessel by means of high-strength, rare-earth magnetic wheels.

Driven by two rare-earth permanent magnet motors, it has the highest torque-to-weight ratio available. Steering is simple and controlled by a small industrial-type joystick.

A bubbler-type ultrasonic transducer configuration allows it to inspect materials up to 3 inches thick. The bubbler is mounted on a two-piece, double-gimballed fixture which allows it to remain flat against the vessel or tank wall.

Water is supplied to the bubbler from an integral pump and reservoir unit. Having a water path between the transducer and vessel wall allows the use of “echo-to-echo” or “interface” gating.

This eliminates measurement “zero” errors caused by even the slightest movement of the transducer away from the surface. This is a common problem when inspecting worn or uneven tanks and vessels.





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