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Welding Department

Torch Integrated Inspection Services provides a complete weld procedure, welder testing and welder training service within its dedicated Aberdeen and Great Yarmouth facilities. In addition to these services, technical support is also provided on welding processes, materials and mechanical testing to the required specifications.


Weld Procedure Approval: The supply of all services necessary to qualify a new weld procedure to the specification and position required, including materials, welding consumables, monitoring, non-destructive testing, PWHT, documentation package and third party witness.


Welder Qualification Testing: The supply of all services necessary to qualify a welder to the weld procedure specification and the position required, including welders certificate and, when required, endorsed by third party witness.

As back up to this service, Torch Integrated Inspection Services also provides a database administration service to update welders certificates when required.

Welder Training: Welder training is provided on all welding processes and materials, in all qualified positions to clients specific contract requirements. The welding processes covered include:

  • GTAW
  • SMAW
  • MIG
With materials covering carbon, stainless, aluminium and all types of alloys.