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Helium Inspection

The Spectron 300E Portable Leak Detector is the most up to date microprocessor based equipment and is a versatile unit adaptable for all applications. This is used by Torch Integrated Inspection Services for the inspection and leak detection of high purity process pipework and vessel systems.


The Spectron 300E Portable Leak Detector is a mass spectrometer leak detector based on the search gas leak location and measurement technique. The Spectron 300E comprises vacuum control electronics and a hand held control module to give the operator all the information and control needed. The unit is microprocessor based and features read-out of leak rate in a selection of units over the full measurement range. This is a fast and effective method of leak detection. The equipment is simple to use, readily portable, reliable and the unique double diffusion pump system employed leads to very high performance.


The Spectron has various types of output that can be used by the operator to monitor leak rate. There is a digital read-out, an audio signal and a hand held control module that has been designed to be small as possible, yet give all the information and control an operator will need as far away as 25 m from the leak detector.



Typical applications include the inspection of high purity process pipework, stator pumps, heat exchangers and various vessel systems used for the transportation of bulk gases, chemicals, house/process vacuum and DI water as found throughout the semi-conductor, bio-medical, pharmaceutical and food and drink industries.