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Ultrasonic Inspection

Torch Integrated Inspection Services offers both in the U.K. and internationally a comprehensive ultrasonic inspection service that includes testing heat-stressed boilers and pipework, monitoring turbines and generators, measuring corrosion, testing cast, forged and rolled products, and welded, soldered and bonded joints and structures.

The P.C.N. certification scheme forms the basis of Torch Integrated Inspection Services technical qualifications but personnel qualified to A.S.N.T. standards are also available. Equipment is constantly updated, backed by certification and calibrated regularly. Torch Integrated Inspection Services operates both mains and battery powered equipment including thickness measurement gauges capable of accuracies of +0.0254 mm. Torch Integrated Inspection Services is prepared to develop ultrasonic testing techniques to suit your particular requirements.

Torch Integrated Inspection Services will test round-the-clock anywhere in the world to meet clients’ needs.