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Torch Integrated Inspection Services in support of Radiography Testing facilities, in particular pipe spools and vessels, has the capability to hydrotest any item that requires this service.

During 1993 Torch Integrated Inspection Services recognised through cost saving initiatives that it could save customers considerable transportation costs through the introduction of this service.


Our Aberdeen facility has Hydrotest Bays rated to 22,500 PSI with approximately 150m2 of floor space. The bays are constructed of high density blocks and metal doors, to ensure that the highest standard of safety is maintained. Two overhead cranes with a maximum safe working load of 75 tonnes feed the bays to give the flexibility and capacity to test the largest of units and with a dedicated facility that also enables 24 Hr testing to BS 8010 Part 3.

To ensure the operations capability to test to a variety of standards and range of components, a comprehensive selection of test blinds, hubs, clamps and seals of various sizes and ratings to API and ANSI specification are held. Other associated services include bolt tensioning, torquing, pigging and gauging.

Over the years Torch Integrated Inspection Services has developed its business and now carries out this service on remote sites, this provides a complete service on site with cost effectiveness gained through our multi-skilled technical staff.