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Corrosion Mapping

Torch Integrated Inspection Services offers both in the U.K. and overseas a comprehensive ultrasonic inspection service to include testing heat-stressed boilers and pipework, monitoring turbines and generator, measuring corrosion, testing cast, forged and rolled products, and welded, soldered and bonded joints and structures.

Our in-house funded development of C-Scan Corrosion Mapping is used to carry out corrosion and erosion surveys, providing a colour graded report, for easy interpretation of results capable of being used for condition monitoring

The system has unique scanners which enable the operator to rapidly capture data from both flat and curved surfaces. The rugged modular construction ensures maximum productivity with minimum maintenance requirements. Interchangeable wedges, probe holders and a range of transducers, ensure inspection capabilities in all cases.

All control functions are software driven, with the on screen ultrasonic controls having been designed to closely resemble a standard flaw detector. The system software is modular in construction and provides both easy to use dedicated C-Scan data acquisition, image processing and measurement routines, coupled with facilities for database archiving and retrieval of inspection results.