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Computerised analysis, Storage and Reporting of Heat Exchanger Inspection Data

Torch Integrated Inspection Services offers a specialist heat exchanger inspection data service with over two decades of expertise in this field.

The Automated Tube Inspection System (ATIS) is a software package which carries out automated analysis of the data from eddy current, DINSEARCH and CENTEST in-service tube inspection systems in real time. The results can be classified in terms of defect severity and stored to hard disk from which they can be retrieved and summarised at any time. The system’s main advantages are its reliability, accuracy, repeatability and the ease of retrieval of information; as such, the system is ideal for the “Finger-printing” of exchangers in order to monitor any degradation over a given period.

The system also incorporates a reporting package with facilities for the generation of colour coded tube sheet drawings and statistical analysis. The system is offered as an addition to our standard inspection service, and applications can be appraised for suitability on request.


During the in-service eddy current and electromagnetic inspection of heat exchanger tubing, analysis has been traditionally carried out manually and involves many hours of examining paper strip charts. This manual interpretation of chart records has obvious disadvantages in terms of reliability, accuracy, repeatability and productivity.


Because of these problems, Torch Integrated Inspection Services has invested in the latest in computerised analysis, storage and reporting systems.