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Furnace Facilities/Gas Firing

Furnace facilities

Torch Integrated Inspection Services has a wide range of in-house and portable temporary furnaces, to cater for any specific requirement.

In-house permanent furnaces enable us to carry out a variety of heat treatment processes, such as stress relieving, normalising and solution annealing of pipespools, vessels and fabricated structures.

On-site temporary furnaces can be built to any size or configuration to allow complete heat treatment of large units in-situ at any location or site.

Furnaces can be electric, gas or oil fired, to suit available site supplies and meet precise heat treatment requirements.

Gas Firing

Torch Integrated Inspection Services is one of the largest providers of gas firing services for heat treatment of vessels, spheres and tanks along with Dryout of refractory lined process pipework and vessels.

Where a temporary furnace is not practicable, heat treatment is commonly achieved by direct firing of components utilising portable Hi-Velocity gas burners. This method is used for treating complete structures, closing seams or localised repair areas. The equipment is intrinsically safe and portable, thus lending itself to carrying out Heat Treatment on live plants as well as green construction sites.


Full thermal and stress analysis can also be provided for structures requiring this type of treatment.