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Torch Integrated Inspection Services has a range of x-ray and gamma-ray equipment suited to most needs. Its extensive experience covers a diverse range of examination techniques, from metals to non-metals, welded joints in pressure vessels and forgings, electrical switches, batteries, explosive charges, searching for foreign bodies in food, exposing faults on bottle tops on glassware. Torch Integrated Inspection Services spectrum of interest is constantly changing and developing. Portable gamma-ray equipment is available for Cobalt 60, Iridium 192, Yterrbium 169 and Selenium 75 isotopes suitable for any application.


X-ray units both directional and panoramic with a range up to 400KV can inspect thicknesses of 100 mm of steel or equivalents. Mobile darkroom/offices are available to ensure on site results with the minimum of delay. Torch Integrated Inspection Services will test round-the-clock, round-the-world at your request.