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As part of Torch Integrated Inspection Services drive towards technological innovation and safe working practices, Torch Integrated Inspection Services has added Saferad to its extensive range of X and Gamma equipment. This innovative new radiographic system allows barriers to be set at 2 metres or less thus creating a SAFER working environment for radiographers, working colleagues and personnel within the immediate vicinity.

This system allows delivery of a continuous radiography service, which in turn will lead to non stop working and the elimination of widespread disruption to on-going operations in the immediate work zone. With the shortening of both new construction and maintenance programmes by eliminating the need to evacuate personnel, benefits accruing from the system include massive cost savings in non-productive time, reduction in the “management” of windows and subsequently the earlier start-up of vital plant is attainable.


The system achieves this by the use of the “softer” radiation emitted by Selenium – 75, a recently available isotope with a 118.5 day half-life, the containment of unwanted radiation within the operating container, the shaping and focussing of the radiation beam and finally enveloping or enclosing the equipment in a new absorbing material-GammaBlok, thus ensuring that the “controlled area” is very close to (less than 2 metres) the source.