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Heat Treatment

Torch Integrated Inspection Services has extensive experience and expertise in providing Heat Treatment Services to the oil and gas (on and offshore), petrochemical, power generation, construction yard and general fabrication industries.

The services cover all aspects of Thermal Treatments, carrying out electrical and gas methods for pre and post weld heat treatment of complex configurations of pipework, vessels, fabricated structures and castings.

All on-site and in-house operations are carried out using highly experienced heat treatment technicians from within the company’s trained labour resource, supported with the latest electrical and gas equipment. This coupled with our stringent safety and technical procedures, provides an efficient quality service for repair and maintenance works, shutdowns and new construction projects.

Torch Integrated Inspection Services track record to date, covers over forty oil refineries and chemical plants world wide, all major UK, Dutch and Norwegian construction yards, with over forty-five offshore platforms and FPSO’s.