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The energy and utilities operations of Motherwell Bridge provide a wealth of expertise developed over many decades of service to clients worldwide.

The company’s engineering, project management and construction teams operate on a worldwide basis providing total engineering capability to clients in the oil and gas, petrochemical, power and utilities industries. Activities in recent years have included the provision of airport fuel handling facilities in the Middle East, cryogenic storage of gases for petrochemical plant in India, oil storage and handling systems for a power station in West Africa and engineering and project management of gasholders for the steel industry in Brazil.

Similar services are provided in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe.

In the field of material handling systems the company has skills to design and produce solutions to solve client problems in a wide range of industries. These include systems for movement of components, the pressing of aluminium extrusion systems, the assembly of vehicle radiators and the super plastic forming of components in exotic materials.

An extensive range of products produced from GRP and thermoplastic materials to fluorocarbon lining of steel and plastic products are developed and fabricated at Motherwell Bridge manufacturing facilities.