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MBMHS have been in the forefront in the development of automatic handling plants and the use of high quality pullers has largey rendered the use of the de twist stretcher obsolete except for the very heaviest sections. This has opened the way to fully automatic stretcher operation.

The MBMHS 2000 range of ‘in line’ stretchers starts at 15 tons upwards. These are intended for installation on presses up to about 2500 ton capacity. They come in two frame sizes, the small frame covering the range 15, 25 & 30 tons and the larger frame for 40, 50 & 60 tons. These are almost identical in appearance.

All stretchers are PLC controlled and operation can be controlled from either or both ends. The PLC can be programmed to delivery a pre-determined stretch, either as a percentage or as a fixed amount. Infeed belts are fitted for ease of metal transfer.


60 Ton stretcher with ‘de twist’ headstock