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MBMHS range of aluminium plate stretchers includes:
Stretch force 400 tonnes to 20,000 tonnes
(larger machines available to special design)
Plate length 1500 mm to 35000 mm
Plate widths 750 mm to 3700 mm

Plate Thickness

6 mm to 400 mm

MBMHS plate stretchers incorporate:

  • Integral plate positioning and support units
  • Anti crab (anti yaw), feature for stretch crosshead included
  • Shock absorber systems to minimise shock loads transmitted to foundation on plate breakage
  • Computer control
  • Automatic and manual control modes both fully interlocked
  • Automatic stretch control to give required degree of plate elongation
  • Visual display of press parameters, position data, pressures
  • Press mimic and viewing of the gripps jaw areas
  • Interface keyboard for insertion of plate data and process information
  • Fault diagnostic system with modem link