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Motherwell Bridge complete first tank at Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) site

April 2013

Motherwell Bridge has finished construction of its first tank on the $22 million project to renovate and build 22 oil storage tanks in Liberia, West Africa.

 O137215 LPRC Fire Water Tank Ghana Boys  Bill EadieFollowing two decades of civil war, Liberia has slowly been rebuilding its economy and this terminal project is seen as key to its efforts.

LPRC’s existing fuel storage terminal near the country’s capital at Monrovia had fallen significantly behind international standards during the war-torn years between 1989 and 2003.

Since starting on site last year, Motherwell Bridge’s workforce has constructed a new fire water tank, which is due to be hydro tested and painted in the coming weeks. The team has also completed the shell of a new-build laboratory building and will soon begin its internal fit-out.

rther two tanks are now in place. One—the slops tank—has been assembled adjacent to its foundations and will be lifted into place later this month following completion of necessary tests. Erection of the other has commenced and will continue throughout April.

Motherwell Bridge has been contracted to:

  • modernise the boat offloading, pipeline and jetties at the site 
  • carry out all civil engineering works 
  • demolishing redundant plant 
  • constructing new bunding, laying foundations and constructing new tanks 
  • laying pipelines, installing new pumps and fitting electrical systems 
  • developing new instrumentation and installing new fire fighting systems.

The project will take three years and the end result will see LPRC increase its fuel holding capacity on the site and potentially lead to further investment from the large oil and gas multinationals.

LPRC Fire Water Tank 3 resized LPRC Fire Water Tank Roof 1 resized LPRC Fire Water Tank 5 resized LPRC Fire Water Tank 6 resized

Russell Ward, chief executive at Motherwell Bridge said: “We have been exploring opportunities in West Africa for some time and this contract with LPRC demonstrates our ability to undertake complex operations in new markets, building on our existing projects in Nigeria.

“We see significant opportunities in locations like Liberia as there is still a tremendous amount of work to be done in the country following decades of civil war and we’re not afraid of tackling challenges in what can still be a difficult environment.

“But we haven’t gone into this job with our eyes closed. We’ve taken pragmatic approach and have teamed up with people who know the market and can find the people and skills we need locally to make it happen.

“This project demonstrates what the modern Motherwell Bridge has to offer—the senior project management and technical expertise necessary to undertake even the most complex of tank storage projects—anywhere in the world.”