• Site-constructed storage tanks - whatever the scale

    One of the leading operators in this specialist field, Motherwell Bridge’s Storage Tank business has the benefit of over 100 years’ experience delivering a remarkable variety of specialist solutions across the globe.

  • Multi-skilled, quick response heat exchanger workforce

    Specialists in shell and tube heat exchanger repair, Motherwell Bridge’s skilled employees can work in the harshest environment to provide you with what you need, when you need it.

  • Clayton Walker gasholder design and construction

    Motherwell Bridge has been an acknowledged expert and market leader in the design and construction of gasholders and gas recovery systems for over 170 years.

Gasholder types

We are the only gasholder manufacturer in the world to specialise in all four main types of gasholders:


Wiggins Type Dry Seal
With low foundation costs, ease of erection and minimal maintenance requirements, these gasholders are much in demand. Having constant working pressures and coming with a range of rubber and synthetic seals to suit a variety of applications, these gasholders are used for the dry storage of gas down to -40°C thus eliminating freezing problems.

There are several key factors to be considered in the selection of a gasholder for the recovery and storage of gases. Some of these considerations are: 

  • Seal compatability with contained gases
  • Suitability for use with wet/saturated gases and condensates
  • Suitability for use with gases carrying particulates/dust
  • Seal operating temperature range
  • Maximum gas flow rates (which convert to maximum piston operating speed)
  • Pressure profile
  • Simplicity of operation
  • Capital and long-term cost
  • Maintenance 


M.A.N. Waterless
Using oil and tar sealer systems, these floating piston-type gasholders operate within a fixed tank construction for the dry storage of gases in towns and steel works around the world due to their low foundation costs, small footprint and constant working pressure.


Klonne Grease Seal
These piston-type gasholders with lubricated packaging ring seals are used extensively on blast furnace gas plants for the dry storage of gas as their constant working pressures offer savings in foundations costs, particularly on bad ground.


Column and Spiral Guided Water-Sealed
These water-sealed gasholders typically store town gas, natural gas and industrial gases and range from a few cubic metres in size right up to 350,000m³. Used all over the world for the simple, low-maintenance storage of gas, they are recognised for their reliability with many having been in service for over 100 years.