• Site-constructed storage tanks - whatever the scale

    One of the leading operators in this specialist field, Motherwell Bridge’s Storage Tank business has the benefit of over 100 years’ experience delivering a remarkable variety of specialist solutions across the globe.

  • Multi-skilled, quick response heat exchanger workforce

    Specialists in shell and tube heat exchanger repair, Motherwell Bridge’s skilled employees can work in the harshest environment to provide you with what you need, when you need it.

  • Clayton Walker gasholder design and construction

    Motherwell Bridge has been an acknowledged expert and market leader in the design and construction of gasholders and gas recovery systems for over 170 years.

Bright sparks at Motherwell Bridge secure EN ISO 3834 certification

September 2012

Motherwell Bridge’s expertise in welding has been recognised after the company secured the sought-after EN ISO 3834 Quality Requirements for Welding certification.

The standard provides details of how to control the various welding and welding-related operations to achieve consistent quality and covers the fabrication, erection, welding and testing of new and refurbished storage tanks, holders and associated components including ancillary pipework and welded structures, on and offsite. 

Recognised across Europe, EN ISO 3834 offers a consistent standard which demonstrates Motherwell Bridge’s continued commitment to achieving the highest standard of workmanship and product reliability.