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Composite moulding presses are essentially hot platen presses working within the temperature range 0-400ÂșC with close temperature tolerances across the platen face to ensure that the component is evenly cured. Heating/Cooling mediums may be hot oil/cold oil, steam/water and electrical heaters with water cooling system.

Complex curing cycles are accurately controlled in terms of the applied pressure and platen temperature variations on a time base by a computer system.

Typical products produced by this process include helicopter rotor blades, interior aircraft honeycomb structural panels and aircraft engine casings.

MB Material Handling Systems has manufactured a range of these machines having pressing capacities from 15 tonnes to 2,000 tonnes, platen sizes from 400mm square up to platens measuring 10,000mm by 2,200mm. Machines may be of the single daylight or multi daylight types and be either up stroking or down stroking to suit a client’s individual needs.

20MN hot/cold platen press of the single day light down stroking type having a platen area 10m by 2.2m.