Motherwell Bridge praised by BP for Clair turnaround excellence

December 2013

Motherwell Bridge’s adaptability and willingness to tackle jobs in the most challenging environments have earned the company major plaudits from offshore giant BP.

Personnel from Motherwell Bridge were originally appointed to carry out some repair work on the Clair Phase 1 platform in the North Sea in June this year.

However, the multi-skilled expertise of the team was quickly recognised by the BP project leaders and expanded their remit to take on a range of welding, plating and fitting work during the three month platform shutdown between June and September.

Liam Aitken, BP’s Clair TAR (turnaround) Project Lead said: “The multi-skilled labour force that Motherwell Bridge provided to support our main driver in the TAR worked extremely well.

“Having pipefitters that can do plating and welding is a real benefit and removed complexity around having multiple people on the job. The small multi-skilled team on the job was extremely efficient. .

“By being able to provide additional welding  labour, acting as welding inspector and vessel internal specialists and offering general labour support, Motherwell Bridge’s team was first class and helped us out a few sticky situations.”

Russell Ward, Motherwell Bridge Chief Executive, said: “This excellent endorsement from BP highlights the strength or our team at Motherwell Bridge.

“While our initial brief was a narrow one, it quickly became apparent that BP required the skills and experience to handle the full range of engineering work called for by a job like this.

“We look forward to strengthening our relationship with BP in the months and years ahead.”

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