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Design and manufacture of heavy mechanical handling equipment for steel coils both for hot and cold strip

This equipment includes:

Coil Conveyor
  • Coilers/uncoilers
  • Coil preparation lines
  • Coil tilters
  • Vee top walking beam conveyors
  • Flat top walking beam conveyors
  • Trough type walking beam conveyors up to 600 tonnes in capacity
  • Upenders
  • Slitting lines
  • Uncoiling boxes
  • High speed chain conveyors
  • Coil transfer cars

9.0.8.B – Walking Beam Conveyor

9.0.8.C – Coil Handling

9.0.8.F – Coil Tilter

9.0.8.G – Flat Top Walking Beam Conveyor