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Electric Impact

All Ingersoll-Rand electric impact wrenches meet Underwriters Laboratories’ strict standards. They operate on a 120 volt AC or DC current. Their quality construction will give you full power for installing and removing nuts and bolts for years of problem-free performance.

IR 8005 Heavy Duty 3/8 85 (116) 2,200
IR 8049 Heavy Duty 1/2 290 (394) 2,000
IR 8050 Super Duty 1/2 330 (449) 1,900
IR 8055 Super Duty 3/4 500 (680) 1,725
IR 8056 Super Duty 1 750 (1020) 900
IR 8062 Super Duty 5/8* 500 (680) 1,725

3/8″ Heavy Duty
Electric Impact Wrench

Here’s the only 3/8″ electric wrench available in the automotive market. This tool can be used for motorcycle work, lawn mower repair, appliance repair, and small engine work. It can also be used for drilling with a keyless impact drill chuck.

  • Operates fast, with a convenient reversing switch above trigger.
  • Powerful, up to 85 ft.-lbs. of torque.
  • A small, compact design.
  • Double insulated for safe operation.

1/2″ Heavy Duty
Electric Impact Wrench

Our most popular 1/2″ electric impact wrench, it delivers maximum torque of 290 ft.-lbs. The unique reversing mechanism gives you full power in forward and reverse, making it an excellent choice for tire changing, shock absorber replacement, and exhaust system work.

  • Up to 290 ft.-lbs. torque.
  • Durable, made with ball and sleeve bearing construction.
  • Aluminium hammer case and separator protects the hammer mechanism.
  • Back-cap reverse switch allows full power in both directions.

1/2″ Super Duty
Electric Impact Wrench

When you want the power of an air impact wrench but compressed air isn’t available, get the next best thing: the IR8053. This is the most powerful 1/2″ super duty electric impact wrench you can buy. With it, you can tackle tire changing, shock absorber work, exhaust system and front end work, as well as construction and farm maintenance work.

  • Up to 330 ft.-lbs. torque.
  • Easy to handle, short, compact design.
  • Maximum durability, with an all-aluminium, full ball bearing construction.
  • Back cap reversal for full power in forward or reverse.
  • Pin-type socket retainer for quick socket changes.

3/4″ Super Duty
Electric Impact Wrench

For those extra heavy bolting jobs, the IR8055 delivers up to 500 ft.-lbs. torque. It’s the super duty 3/4″ wrench for automotive service, light truck, and general farm maintenance work.

  • Up to 500 ft.-lbs. of torque.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Aluminum and all ball bearing construction for longer life.
  • Back-cap reversal makes it easy to go full power in forward and reverse

1″ Super Duty Electric
Impact Wrench

Absolutely the most powerful electric impact wrench available in the automotive market, the professionals use this tool for changing truck tires, maintaining and repairing off-road and farm equipment.

  • Up to 750 ft.-lbs. torque.
  • Handles bolt sizes up to 1-1/4″.
  • Extra heavy-duty ball bearing construction.
  • Full power in reverse and forward positions.

5/8″ Super Duty
Electric Impact Wrench

With all the power and high quality features of the IR8055, this wrench has a 5/8″ hex chuck that’s machined hard for extra heavy bolting jobs.

  • Quick change 5/8″ hex chuck.