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Pressure Vessels

Designed to B.S. 5500 or ASME VIII Div 1 & 2 in carbon steel and alloy steel up to wall thickness of 40mm (carbon steel). Motherwell Bridge Malta can also design, fabricate and supply transportation and lifting beams, skids, platforms and ladders and accessories for vessels and columns.


Fixed, cone, atmospheric, or low-pressure site welded tanks designed to BS 2654 or API 650 in carbon steel. Floating roof storage tanks either with single or double deck.

Motherwell Bridge Malta can design and fabricate tanks and tank attachment; ladders, stairs, walkways, and nozzles.

Gauges, level indicators, floating roof seals, roof drains, internal floating roofs and fire fighting systems for tanks can also be supplied.

Tank materials can either be supplied in the bare metal state or in grit blasted and primed condition. Tanks are supplied plate small for site erection by local contractors.

Motherwell Bridge Malta can also design and fabricate cylindrical and rectangular shop welded tanks, designed to international standards.

Horizontal tanks can be of single or double skin construction.

Motherwell Bridge Malta manufactures, under licence, double skin, horizontal cylindrical storage tanks for buried service with the outer skin in HDPE. These are ideal for humid or corrosive soil conditions since these tanks do not require cathodic protection or special external coatings.