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Here are a selection of screens, please click thumbnail Images for large versions.

Main Screen – NT5000


  • User friendly format designed for NT Windows – with a plot plan cover screen
  • It boasts compatibility with any existing tank gauges
  • Users can call up configurable group’s display allowing client specific set up
  • Detailed single Tank displays
  • Provides Inventory Management information
  • Tank Level Monitoring
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Temperature Profiling
  • Water Interface Monitoring
  • Density Profiling
  • Complete configurable alarm logging, with colour coding configurable audio alarm system and integrated security
  • Historical Data Trending Inventory Reports
  • Extensive Diagnostics
  • Interactive Help facility accessible through Motherwell Control Systems Web Site
  • Five-tier security system


‘NT5000’ is our Windows NT based system for ‘real-time’ monitoring of tank gauges on medium to large tank farms.

The NT5000 Tank Gauging System has been designed to facilitate centralised management of liquid products over a wide geographical area.

It’s intuitive point and click user interface allows users to display and print tank inventory, status and historical data with the click of a mouse. In a nutshell, the system has been designed with ease of use in mind.

The system also incorporates full pipeline flow control capabilities, enabling the operator to open and close valves, start and stop pumps with usual indication of the state of the devices on the system.

The system is fully configurable for each individual client’s needs.

The check and pack option performs an integrity check of the systems databases. Free space in data files is also recovered.

Plot Plan Cover Screen

This screen provides an aerial view of the client’s tank farm and allows the operator to navigate through the various features of NT5000, with the support of the Tool Bar and the Command Now Menu.


Users will receive alarms to warn of various states, accompanied by an audible message identifying the alarm type. Further, Tank Icons have been colour co-ordinated for additional practicality.

Monitoring Tank Movements

NT5000 allows users to record the ‘start’ and ‘end’ dips of tank movements. During tank movement the approximate Flow Rate is calculated for the changing liquid level and displayed on the movement page, and the progress on the column shows the quantity of product received / delivered in ‘real time’.


Graphical displays of data are available within the NT5000 system. The user can opt to trend, Level / Temperature / Gross Volume, for any tank within any selected periods of time.

Furthermore, an alarm bar chart is also available to illustrate alarms generated within the system for the given time period. The system can achieve a number of forms of graph types such as 3D depth, line graphs.

Tank Details


The integrated security system has five levels, each operator is allocated one of these levels. Some information or control can therefore remain the responsibility of selected personnel. The system identifies what level the current user has been allocated, through their unique password.

Added security is provided through the ‘back up’, and ‘check and pack databases’ features.

Under normal circumstances, users do not have to back up any part of the system, because this is done automatically each day by the system at 2:00am.

Users can examine an extensive range of tank data. The windows in which clients can access this data are the Inventory, Set Up, Gauge, Alarms, Alarm Log, Movement and PLC. (See Screen Shots).


The software communicates with a wide variety of tank gauges. It currently communicates with the complete range of Motherwell Control Systems tank gauges (Float, Servo, Radar, Intelligent Transmitter Boards). Whessoe Servo and Float Gauges, Modbus compatible systems, AS40 systems, ASCII compatible systems, GE Faunc PLC range, Mitsubishi PLC range, 123 compatible systems etc.

The system has an open architecture allowing new hardware / technologies to be easily supported.

The systems database is paradox based and is therefore ODBC compliant. Motherwell Control Systems can provide ODBC integrated systems to allow easy reporting on live tank gauging data to Word, Excel, Access and any other ODBC compliant system.

Tank Detail

Tank Inventory

NT Setup

Alarm Log

Tank Movement

Report Schedular

System Event History

Groups Page

Dip Log


Line Graph

Certificate of Receipt

Main Benefits:

  • User friendly designed for NT windows
  • The System automatically backs up its own system
  • Concentrated Security – Six tier system with a password driven data entry system
  • Support:
  • Interactive Help System
    On line support

  • Highly user configurable
  • Custom screen formats and report layouts are available on request