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Main Screen – V5000


  • User Friendly, PC based under Microsoft Windows

  • Five Tier Security System

  • Alarm System with voice communication of alarm conditions

  • Multiple Screen system that can be configured to meet the requirements of the customer

  • Detailed actuator displays with diagnostic window

  • The system supports data logging

  • Sequencing – user configurable recipe building including ESD facilities

  • Dependency valve control capability – fully configurable to meet the requirements of the customer

  • ‘Inhibit’ feature to add to regulation and promote safe operations (user configurable)

  • Compatible with Limitorques Actuators

  • Multiple Loop compatibility – mix and match actuators to suit your requirements

  • Motherwell Control Systems Controllers (discrete control of existing actuators)


The system is compatible with Limitorque Valves and control equipment. V5000 can communicate with Allen-Bradley PLC – 5.


This valve control system allows clients to remotely monitor and control any number of actuators, producing ‘real time’ data. This system is capable of conveying the necessary information from any number of actuators without delay. Hence, the information is obtained at the same time it is required. The system offers a great deal of varied information contained in different features, status of valves, location of the valves, alarms, system configuration, device action and event logs.

Multiple Screen System

Customers can also view numerous valve states at once with the multiple screen system. Any number of screens can be configured to display different combinations of actuators and data. The customer can choose the combinations that are right for them via a windows check box list as shown below:

Data logging Devices

The system can log any changes in state or alarms, to a file or a printer.

Applicable printers include:

  • Serial Data logger
  • Parallel Port, Dot Matrix Printer


An integrated security system is in place. Individual users can be assigned different levels of security. Therefore some information or control can remain the responsibility of selected personnel.

Dependancy Feature

This feature is fully configurable, providing clients with superior control. Customers can decide to add dependant control. In that, when one asction is performed another will automatically follow.

For example, if one valve closes, clients can arrange for another valve to automatically open as well.


The alarms can warn of various states of the valve. It is possible to look at an overview (all the valves) or request the state of just one.

The alarm sounds are configurable through Windows audible voice file.

For example, voice, or simply beeps.

Main Screen 2 – V5000

Main Screen 3 – V5000

Main Screen 4 – V5000

Device Dependancies

Device Inhibits

Alarm Log

Device Action History

Valve 123(1)

Valve 123(2)

Access/Password Control

V5000 Device Combinations

V5000 Event Log

Inhibit Feature

The inhibit feature if comparable to the Dependancy feature, when one action is performed customers can configure another action to be prevented.

For example, if one device is closed, the client can arrange it so that another valve cannot be controlled.

Another example is an Emergency Shutdown Procedure. This feature allows the customer to set up a combination of actions. Thus in specific situations this procedure will become an automatic chain of actions.

The customer can decide what inhibiting actions would best serve their purposes and configure them in this application.

Enhanced Control

Using Limitorques new SBC Valves clients can now, with V5000, remotely open and close valves to an exact percentage.

  • Links to Tank Gauging Systems
  • Links to Host systems (DOS, SCADA)
  • User configurable
  • Capable of monitoring in ‘real time’
  • Practices an integrated security system
  • Enhanced safety through the ‘dependency’ and ‘inhibiting’ features
  • Capable of remotely controlling any number of actuators at one time
  • Configurable with the majority of major actuators
  • Performs daily back up of its own data
  • Extremely high overall regulation and control