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CNC 104 Rim Vent
Is intended for low pressure service, the CNC 104 is ideally suited as a low cost Rim Vent for floating roof tanks. Standard setting 0.9" WG.
Available in 6" size with screwed or flanged connections.
CNC 141 Combined Gauge Hatch and Free Vent
Produces the combined gauge hatch and free vent recommended for use on tanks containing non-volatile liquids such as water, fuels and lubricating oils where a simple device is required to protect the opening from foreign matter and also be accessible for hand gauging.
Provision is also made for padlocking.

CNC 240/241 Free Vents
Free vents and weatherhoods for use on atmospheric vessels containing non-volatile products or on vent riser pipes. The large streamlined mushroom type cover is designed for maximum flow.

CNC 240 mounts onto standard roof flange.

CNC 241 welds direct to tank roof.

CNC 242/243 Free Vents or Weatherhood
The CNC 242 and CNC 243 free vents which are designed
to permit the unimpeded flow of gases in and out of the tank whilst preventing rain, dirt, etc, entering the tank.
The CNC 243 is supplied with a non-sparking flame snuffer.