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CNC 670 Liquid Level Indicator
The CNC 670 Series liquid level indicators are the float operated target reading type, and are used extensively for indicating the liquid level in practically all types of storage tanks.
Recommended for use on tanks storing water, fuel oil, lubricating oil and most hydrocarbons with the standard material specification, and to cover other liquids special material specifications are available.
CNC 2570 Low Pressure Automatic Tank Gauge
Float operated low pressure automatic tank gauge suitable for pressures up to 1 barg. The aluminium gaugehead is suitable for metric or imperial calibration, and is complete with an operational check knob. The standard stainless steel float gives an accuracy suitable for Custody Transfer Approval.
CNC 2579 Low Pressure Magnetic Link Gauge
Designed for use in food, brewing, water, dairy and industries where tank contents must be maintained in sealed hygienic conditions. In this system the annular float contains magnets and travels up and down a thin stainless steel walled float guide tube. This tube is sealed to prevent ingress of tank contents. Inside the tube a magnetic follower is suspended on the perforated tape connected to the gauge head. This follower, locked magnetically to the float, follows liquid level change and causes corresponding movement in the perforated tape. The tape is connected to the standard CNC 2570 Series gaugehead unit.

CNC 2580 High Pressure Automatic Tank Gauge
Float operated high pressure automatic tank gauge suitable for pressures up to 300 psig. Gaugehead in cast steel is suitable for metric or imperial calibration. Contains magnetic link drive. Multisphere float, tape and guidewires in stainless steel.

CNC 2585 Oil Seal Unit
Standard liquid seal unit for 8.5"WG maximum working pressure. May be used with all CNC tank level gauges and liquid level indicators. Used to stop tank vapours entering the tank gaugehead, or tank vapours venting to atmosphere in the case of a CNC 670 installation.