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Civil Aircraft Components

Titanium Components.
A range of complex prismatic titanium components are manufactured from billets, castings and forgings, with a dimensional range up to 3 metres, for the world.s leading aerospace companies. The components are kitted and shipped directly to the customer.s assembly line.


Aluminium Components
High-speed machining techniques are employed in the manufacture of Aluminium airframe components with ongoing developments proving successful in the drive to reduce cycle times. The current plant is equipped to produce components up to 4 metres long.



Lithium Components
Our expertise in the manufacture of problematic Lithium forgings is now recognised both within the aerospace industry and with forging suppliers. Components range up to 4 metres long.



Steel Components
The manufacture of steel components, particularly on Flap Tracks, has identified a core competence in the machining of hard metals with a range up to 2 metres.


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