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Ultra-Lo Electric & Air Chain Hoist Series

1-24 U.S. Ton lifting capacity (909 – 21818 kg)

Ingersoll-Rand’s complete line of worm gear driven electric low headroom hoists provide smooth, quiet, trouble-free operation. Each hoist is built and tested in accordance with nationally recognised safety standards for overhead hoists ANSI B30.16.

Standard features:

  • Capacities from 1 to 24 tons
  • Large diameter chain wheels for improved chain wear
  • Worm gear drive for maximum control and durability
  • Plain, motorised, and hand chain trolleys
  • Dual up and down limits for added safety
  • NEMA-12 control enclosure and weather resistant Pendent controls.
  • Design flexibility allows custom configurations to be offered and priced on request
  • Dual braking from the self-breaking worm drive and spring applied motor brake
  • Explosion-Proof units and S·COR·E features can be customer defined to fit the most demanding applications and priced on request
  • Quick response time to quotes and reduced lead-time on delivery