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Small Product Range

The small range of portable air compressors with free air delivery capacities of 2 to 5m3 /min and rated operating pressures between 7 to 10 bar have been designed for use in a wide range of construction applications, with low noise and exhaust emission levels to meet all environmental legislation requirements when operating in populated areas.

High Pressure Machines

A new series of high pressure machines has been introduced to complement the existing range of small portable air compressors. These machines will create additional application opportunities and increase productivity through higher pressure capacities.

Running Gear

Ingersoll-Rand highway approved machines are of a compact design with a high power to weight ratio and low centre of gravity to provide excellent towing stability. Fixed or variable height towbar options are available with the single axle running gear. Machines developed for off highway applications are fitted with a robust design of four wheel running gear to give good manoeuvrability and to withstand the harsh environments of remote site locations.