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Simplair Hollow Bar Aluminium Pipework System

The complete modular system

Simplair is a modular pipework system, easy to install and simple to extend or modify.

The lightweight aluminium hollow bar structure of Simplair pipework makes it easy to handle when installing. The pipework has amazing structural strength and can be suspended from ceilings or fixed to walls.

The beauty of this fully integrated modular system allows the pipework to reach any part of your plant or factory economically and without limitation to height or length. The system can be tailored to your specific production needs of today and you can rest assured that it can be modified to keep pace with any changes or alterations to your production configuration or plant layout.

Any quantity of outlets can be quickly and efficiently installed in just a few minutes to allow for any change in your plant environment.

Simplair is a simple push/fit assembly, and allows for easy interchange between bore sizes
Hanging and wall mounting brackets make Simplair easy to install.
Reduction fittings provide easy modification and expansion
Unique outlet system can be fitted simply and economically.
14mm push in tube can be formed and allows for solid piping to point of use