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Rotary Screw Air Compressors – SSR 2-Stage

With SSR 2-Stage…

Everything is stacked in your favour.

Throughout the world, industry has come to depend on Ingersoll-Rand SSR rotary screw compressors for reliability, lower installation and operating costs, and superior designs.

Now Ingersoll-Rand has really stacked things in your favour with the SSR 2-Stage series of rotary screw air compressors. The advanced, stacked two stage airend technology saves up to 15% in kilowatt costs, and when combined with our unique Intellisys stepper motor capacity control, gives you an exceptional combination of superior compressor technology and low operating costs.


Two Stage Efficiency, SSR Affordability

The pairs of rotors in SSR 2-Stage compressors fit into a combined airend assembly. Compression is shared between the first and second staged flowing in series. This increases overall compression efficiency up to 15% of the total full load kilowatt consumption. You can enjoy these savings for only a modest increase in capital cost over that of single stage rotary screw compressors

Significant Savings

Energy savings go a long way to reduce your compressor’s initial cost and operating expenses. As a rule of thumb, our SSR 2-Stage compressor will save you up to £525 per 1000 hours of operation when compared to single stage compressors. If your power cost is £0.035 per kilowatt hour, and operate compressors at 6000 hours per year, your first year’s savings, per compressor, could be as great as £5,250! In fact the larger the electric motor the greater the savings would be. Savings like these quickly recover the capital cost increment of the SSR 2-Stage over single stage rotary compressors, and it would not take long for the savings to return the entire cost of the compressor. Now that’s significant!

SSR 2-Stage Value, The Lowest Total Cost

Consider what factors contribute to a compressor’s operating expense: energy; water (if water cooled); replacement parts, coolants and lubricants, and labour costs. SSR 2-Stage compressors don’t require water or consume a great deal of costly renewal parts. Compare the SSR 2-Stage’s energy and installation costs, and maintenance expense to other compressors. You’ll see that the SSR 2-Stage compressors offer the lowest total cost and can provide a rapid return on your investment.

Work With Your Utility For More Savings

Electric utilities may have programs to reward companies who demonstrate energy conservation. Your electric utility may be supportive of demand side energy management efforts. Typically the utility will reward effective conservation efforts with incentives. You should contact your utility to see what programmes exist. More than likely SSR 2-Stage compressors will qualify as new or replacement compressor energy conservation projects.

The SSR 2-Stage Drive Train

No other manufacturer has a drive train equal to ours, and nobody but Ingersoll-Rand offers a standard two year, unlimited hour warranty on train drive components. Our drive train includes a perfectly matched motor, optimising gears, and our two stage airend. Each component complements the other , giving you the most reliable, rugged, and simplest form of power transmission ever built, and a warranty that proves it.

Dedicated Motor Design

SSR Motors are designed both mechanically and electrically to be the perfect match for each compressor. We use only copper windings and class F insulation for greater reliability and increased motor life. Our motor is a dedicated compressor motor, designed for a 46°C ambient, and the efficiency is rated at the applied point of the motor. At the maximum rated ambient, the motor temperature rise does not exceed 89°C. This additional thermal capacity will ensure longer life of the motor.

Three Gear Integral Drive

Integral gear drive is the most unique feature of our drive train. The drive gear (centre) is mounted directly on the motor shaft, and the driven gears are mounted on the shafts of each male rotor. The loads generated by the driven gears help offset the load on the drive gear further enhancing reliability and life. This drive system eliminates maintenance prone couplings which can be difficult to align, and are also more energy efficient and reliable than multiple belt drive systems. The drive is totally enclosed so that no dust nor dirt can get in. Our exclusive seal and scavenge system prevents coolant from leaking into the motor.

Airend Air Flow

Air enters into the inlet of the first stage and is compressed as the male and female high displacement rotors rotate and mesh with each other. The first stage rotors discharge air through a coolant curtain located at the entry of the interstage area. Cooled air from the inter stage enters the inlet of the second stage and is compressed by the high efficiency second stage male and female rotors. The compressed air now at desired system pressure passes through the second stage discharge port, and exits the two stage airend through the discharge flange.

Coolant Curtain

To further enhance airend efficiency, coolant is injected into a channel at the first stage discharge port. A precisely machined liquid orifice in the channel creates a curtain of coolant in the interstage passage. Air passes through the curtain on its way to the second stage, and through contact cooling, lowers the second stage inlet temperature. This patented process eliminates expensive non contact cooling devices such as air or water-to-coolant heat exchangers.