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Rotary Screw Air Compressors – M37 to M250


Superior Packaging
The enclosure is fabricated from sheet metal and is finished with a superior high quality powder coated textured paint. SSR compressors are especially compact which means less floor space is needed to install them.

Single Point Connections
The package comes complete with everything built within the basic machine. This means that all you need to provide is the external connection of both the inlet power supply and discharge air. Your SSR compressor is installed at minimum cost. What could be simpler.

Quiet Operation
Both the compressor and the motor are isolated from the package by soft mounts. Together with the attenuated acoustic enclosure, this results in an exceptionally quiet unit, which enables installation close to most workplaces.

Starter and Controls
Included in the package is a robust motor starter. Mounted and wired within a lockable IP54 enclosure, this starter and associated control panel only requires your power connection and the machine is ready to run and is fully protected.

Superb Serviceability
Routine maintenance is achieved through easily removable panels. All components are readily accessible.

Air Cooled Aftercooler
Compressed air discharged from the SSR compressor is of the highest quality. The aftercooler cools the compressed air to within 8°C of a 46°C ambient temperature. In the majority of cases when the ambient is lower, the cooling performance is enhanced.

High Ambient Rated
The SSR compressor is designed to run continuously in ambient temperatures up to 46°C without de-rating the performance. This also means when lower ambients are expected the SSR coolers have a high tolerance of fouling and will need less maintenance. Cooling air flow is discharged from the top of the package to facilitate easier ducting of waste heat for removal or recovery.

All SSR compressors are cooled and protected by SSR ULTRA Coolant, a unique, synthetic polyglycol compressor coolant. It is so advanced it needs to be changed only every 8,000 hours or two years under normal operating conditions. The added cost of condensate separation systems can be avoided as condensate with traces of SSR ULTRA coolant can normally be discharged directly into the nearest foul sewer. Superior coolant separation enables the lubrication system to contain significantly less volume. Using SSR ULTRA coolant saves you money both in use and in disposal costs.

INTELLISYS Microprocessor
Seven prime compressor operating parameters are constantly monitored. In the event of deviation from programmed limits, the INTELLISYS microprocessor will automatically warn and/or stop the compressor. Any potential harmful conditional is displayed on the panel in plain language, saving costly troubleshooting expense while minimising downtime.

Built In Sequence Control
The INTELLISYS microprocessor has two separate pressure band settings which enable effective sequence control of two machines without any additional equipment. Volt free contacts provide for remote indication of abnormal conditions. Powered remote start and stop contacts are provided.

Display Information

  • Package discharge pressure
  • Package discharge temperature
  • Sump pressure
  • Separator element condition
  • Total hours/loaded hours


  • Elevated airend temperature
  • Change separator element
  • Change air filter
  • Change coolant filter
  • Service

Adjustable Operating Parameters

  • Off-line pressure (2 set points)
  • On-line pressure (2 set points)
  • Load delay time
  • Remote start & stop select
  • Auto start & stop select
  • Auto start & stop shutdown time
  • Star delta transition time
  • Operating pressure select
  • Operating mode select (OL/OL or ACS)


  • High airend discharge temperature
  • High discharge pressure
  • High/low sump pressure
  • Control voltage loss
  • Starter fault
  • Main motor overload
  • Reverse rotation
  • Sensor failure