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Rotary Screw Air Compressors – M22 to M30

These space saving SSR compressors have been designed to reduce the amount of floor space needed to install them. The motor starter, aftercooler and condensate separator are all built in making the installation easy, neat and compact.

Also featured is the INTELLISYS micro-processor which constantly monitors prime compressor operating parameters and ensures that these are kept within safety limits. The control panel displays all information in plain language on a LCD display. Advance trouble-shooting messages eliminate unnecessary downtime.

The compressor is factory filled with SSR ULTRA COOLANT, a unique synthetic coolant, formulated for an 8000 hour life and to reduce overall running costs.

Standard Features

  • INTELLISYS Microprocessor
  • Efficient on-line, off-line control
  • Energy saving power conservation system
  • Dual set points
  • Cost saving SSR ULTRA COOLANT
  • Air-cooled, 46°C, high ambient design
  • Efficient coolant separation system
  • Internal high efficiency aftercooler
  • Condensate separator and drain trap
  • High efficiency motor
  • 380/415V, 3ph, 50Hz TEFC motor
  • Motor overload protection
  • Integral IP54 star/delta starter
  • Low sound enclosure
  • Internal guarding and 48v control voltage

Optional Features

  • Modulation control with ACS
  • Power outage restart option
  • 220V and 60Hz models
  • Multiple unit sequencing
  • High dust air intake filter