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Paintbooths (Dryfilter & Waterwash)


The patented Binks Nopump system is world famous for its efficiency and reliability. As the name suggests there is no pump or associated pipework or nozzles to become clogged. High velocity air is drawn across the water in the bottom of the booth, producing violent agitation.

The turbulent liquid is then circulated with abrupt changes in direction creating a constant scrubbing effect on the paint particles. This action causes them to break down and the pigment sinks to the bottom as a non-sticky, easy to dispose of silt. Automatic monitoring using Binks’ special depression control valves ensuring the correct water level.

The time between major clean-outs is dramatically extended and may only be needed at the annual shutdown. As there is no equipment mounted outside nor any need for bulky settling tanks, the booth is very compact and takes up minimum floor space. The unique, virtually maintenance free, Binks Nopump is the preferred water wash spraybooth in paint shops worldwide.

Vertical screen systems

If required we can also supply water curtain systems which use a vertical water screen at the back of the booth to prevent overspray build-up.


Binks Nopump water wash spraybooths comply with current and foreseen requirements under the EPA 1990 guidance notes PG6-23, HSE and EH9.

Water wash spray booths are recommended for medium to high production requirements.

Paint waste must be disposed of efficiently and in accordance with environmental legislation. The Binks Hydra-clean unit separates the solids leaving easy to dispose slugs of paint particulate.

  • Discharge efflux velocity 9m/sec particulate emissions to be no higher than 50mg/cubic metre.
  • Extract ducting to terminate at 3m above roof apex.
  • Binks unique no-pump washing action ensures EPA compliance.
  • Binks SL HVLP sprayguns dramatically reduce overspray and emissions.
  • Air velocity 0.7m/sec min (140ft/min) as specified by EH9 guidelines.
  • Binks air fed visor recommended for all spray operators, complies with HSE/COSSH regulations (CE marked).