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MLK & HLK Air Chain Hoists

Benefits of using an Ingersoll-Rand air chain hoist:

  • Safety.
    The CE mark on the MLK and HLK hoists is your assurance all the safety features are included in compliance with the European Machinery Directive.

  • 100% duty cycle.
    Air hoists can be operated continuously, as air motors don’t heat up!

  • Environment
    Dust, dirt, moisture and corrosive gases are kept out of the motor by the air pressure that runs it. This basic fact makes air hoists the first choice in foundries, electroplating shops, etc.

  • No electrical hazard.
    As no electricity is used, the freedom from electric shock and the use of air power in explosive environments are obvious advantages. This is why air hoists are used extensively in flammable environments found in chemical plants, refineries, etc. Spark resistant models are also available.

  • Accurate load spotting.
    Simple speed and directional controls provide precise spotting capabilities. Manual, easy to operate air valves admit air to the motor through a variable orifice. Complete control, from an inching crawl to full speed, is available without expensive electric control systems.

  • Most parts interchangeable
    Motor, brake and throttle parts are interchangeable with all current Ingersoll-Rand air chain hoists.

  • Low maintenance
    Ingersoll-Rand air chain hoists are designed and constructed for trouble-free maintenance. The inherent durability of air power contrasts with the potential problems of electrical systems!

Features and Benefits:

  • Latch type swivel hooks – top and bottom
    Supported by anti-friction bearings. Bullard Burnham hooks available for all models, except spark resistant.
  • Anti-friction bearings.
    All bearings are either ball or roller type to minimise power-robbing friction.
  • Internal muffler.
    Reduces sound level to 85 dBA. Located internally in valve chest for protection against damage. Element is woven to prevent corrosion and clogging.
  • Inlet swivel, strainer and filter.
    Combined to allow easy hookup from any direction. Swivel reduces hose fatigue, especially on hook-mounted units. Strainer nipple and internal filter provide that extra assurance of clean air for maximum wear protection.
  • Main air shut-off valve.
    Stops the main air supply to the motor when the emergency stop button on the pendent is pushed (as per EN418 standards).
  • Precision throttle valves
    For smooth operation and metering of air. Valves are poppet type for ease of maintenance.
  • 100% Duty Cycle Multi Vane® motor.
    High torque, low maintenance design with air porting under vanes for smooth operation, positive starting, good control and long life.
  • Overload protection device
    Adjusted at the factory at 140 to 150% of the safe working load. Fitted as standard on HLK’s (Optional on MLK’s).
  • Control adjustment screws.
    Provide sensitivity and maximum speed control for pendent models. Adjustment of screws will provide maximum control for each hoisting application.
  • PHS2U progressive pilot pendent control.
    Furnishes a variable pressure signal to the valve chest where flow to hoist is metered accordingly. Air to run hoist motor does not travel through pendent, thus pendent length does not affect performance. Control hoses are flexible and easily converted to different lengths. Guards on either side of levers are cast-in for protection against accidental operation.
  • Emergency stop button.
    In the event of an emergency situation the operator can safely stop the hoist (and trolley).
  • Two-piece, single-line hook block.
    Two-piece, “clam shell” design entraps chain links and hook bearing without using small load bearing pins or fasteners.
  • Link load chain.
    Zinc plated steel chain is standard. Stainless steel chain is available for the 0.5 ton through 1 ton spark resistant models.
  • Chain container.
    Fabric or metal container, as an accessory, to keep slack chain out of the way.
  • Upper and lower limit stops.
    Prevent dangerous overtravel of the hook in either direction, reducing possible damage to hoist or load.
  • Built-in, cross-link protection.
    Slack chain is guided into drive wheels by a specially designed opening which prevents dangerous cross-linking of chain.
  • Exhaust air chain lubrication
    A small amount of exhaust air flows over chain and drive wheel. This flow lubricates chain from spent in-line lubrication of motor.
  • Dependable non-asbestos, self-adjusting disc brake.
    Air-operated disc brake balances brake effort to motor torque by sensing the air pressure in the valve chest. This provides precise control and eliminates back drop problems encountered with some mechanical brakes. If the air supply is interrupted, the pressure release causes instantaneous, automatic braking. The new brake design is protected from impact by a cast housing and is self-adjusting for the full life of the brake.
  • Manual brake release kit.
    Available as an accessory, this kit allows the operator to safely lower a suspended load in the event of a power failure.
  • Heat-treated planetary gearing.
    Planetary gearing system provides high torque capability by splitting the torque path, thereby dividing and balancing the load over more teeth. This assures longer life and reduced maintenance.
  • High strength aluminium housing.
    Strong yet lightweight for maximum portability and weather resistance.