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HVLP Mach 1 / GTI

HVLP Hand Gun Range produced by ITW Finishing

  • Designed to comply with existing Environmental Legislation (cap=or<10psi)
  • Range of caps and tips available
  • Anodised finish
  • Mach 1 SL Pressure & Suction available with Stainless wetted parts

Mach 1 SL Pressure
Mach 1 SL Suction
Mach 1 Gravity

Compliant/HVLP Core Hand Gun Range

  • Designed to comply with Environmental Legislation (TE<65%)
  • Larger Application window than earlier HVLP guns
  • Wide range of caps and tips available
  • Compliant (TE<65%) or HVLP (10 psi or less) Air caps available
  • Electroless Nickel or Anodised finish

GTI-P, GTI-S & GTI-GSolventbased Guns GTI-G, GTI-S & GTI-P Waterbased Guns