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LV series

The all steel lever chain hoist that has set new standards in industrial lever chain hoist design. Perfect for industrial lifting, pulling or positioning of loads.

Standard features:

  • All steel construction for external impact resistance.
  • Forged steel alloy load hooks with anti-slip design.
  • Induction welded manganese steel load chain.
  • Durable “double disc” brake is smooth. Easy and economical to service.
  • Short steel handle with 360 degrees rotation. Low handle force required to lift rated load.
  • Precise load control through the heat treated six pinion gear/pinion arrangement and four pocket load wheel.
  • Chain guides provide smooth operation in vertical or horizontal position.
  • Simple, reliable free chaining mechanism.
  • Rubber grip handle for added safety.
  • Available unchained “Flex” and prepackaged lifts.


  • Zinc plated or nickel diffused load chain.
  • Variable lengths of lift for special requirements.