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Large Product Range

The large range of heavy duty portable compressors are designed and powered for continuous operation, economy and reliability. Air delivery capacities range from 17 to 26 m3 /min with operating pressures at 8.5 to 24.1 bar to meet the variable demands of construction site applications.


A design feature incorporating side by side positioning of the radiator and oil cooler allows for easy cleaning through a large hinged door at the rear of the machine or from access points in the sides of the fan cowl.

Safety Features

Automatic safety shutdown systems with control panel indicators provide complete machine protection in case of high engine or airend temperature, low engine oil pressure and alternator no charge. Control panels are protected by lockable steel doors.


The distinctive enclosures on all machines are designed to provide easy access to routine maintenance and service areas. They are constructed from zintec coated steel with a durable electrostatic powder paint finish for maximum protection.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Latest computer aided design and manufacturing techniques in rotary screw airend development
  • Powered by a selected range of high performance fuel efficient diesel engines.
  • Enclosures fabricated from zintec coated steel with durable electrostatic powder paint finish.
  • Automatic safety shutdown features with control panel indicators provide complete machine protection
  • Stepless regulation provides 100% air availability on demand
  • Machines are designed with easy access to all regular service and maintenance areas.
  • A comprehensive range of factory fitted or field installed machine options for maximum flexibility
  • Supported by a worldwide product service and parts distribution network.