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They’re the hardest-working tools of all. Nothing cuts as much time, or packs more labour-saving power than the Impactool.

Imagine the manual process of a hammer striking against a hand wrench to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts. Then consider the sheer size and scope of those bolts – up to 4 inches in diameter – joining parts and components literally weighing tons, and exerting even greater forces. No small task, but one mastered by tools that create incredible energy out of compressed air or electricity, converting motor torque into a series of powerful rotary blows.

For more than sixty years, Ingersoll-Rand has pioneered the development and advancement of Impactools, and today leads the industry with the most complete product selection available.

Two Different Types

Conventional Impactools, in most cases, provide a torque output setting, but rely largely on operator judgement to determine when a fastener is sufficiently tightened. These are the most popular Impactools, and include air as well as electric models.

Torque Control Impactools (air only) provide automatic shutoff upon reaching a preset torque level. They are designed for applications requiring accurate fastener tightening, and incorporate built-in or detachable torsion bars. Based on their diameter and degree of adjustment, the torsion bar senses a predetermined torque level, and mechanically signals an internal shut-off device to prevent over-torquing.

Three Different Rankings

Three different rankings help to define the IR line of Impactools:

  • Super Duty Tools are intended for high volume production or heavy maintenance and construction, where ultimate performance and durability are required. These tools incorporate a number of unique added features, as well as the finest materials and bearings, tightest tolerances, and most powerful impact mechanisms.
  • Heavy Duty Tools are well-suited to medium volume production or general maintenance and construction tasks, and offer a good balance between performance and economy.
  • Standard Duty Tools are intended for less frequent use, involving lighter materials. However, one tool of particular note in this ranking is the new IR2131 1/2 inch drive impact wrench. This unique tool delivers the most power in its class with the versatile control features and innovative ergonomics required by today’s top professionals. With these special attributes, the new IR2131 is a perfect match for many standard duty industrial applications.

Choices for Every Application

Still more choices exist, with a variety of Impactool configurations designed to suit the particular job at hand – for example … small and medium-sized tools with straight or pistol-grip handles … and larger models with inside trigger, outside trigger, or lever throttle handles. Drive sizes range from 3/8 inch to 31/2 inch square drive, and also include spline drives for maximum power transmission in demanding applications. In addition, you can specify certain tools with quick-change anvils for use with extended socket devices, special screwdriver bits, wood augers, and more.