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Grinding Abrasives

Depressed Centre Grinding Wheels

Flexovit depressed centre grinding wheels are manufactured on purpose built machinery employing state-of-the-art equipment. Comprehensive quality control procedures have earned Flexovit depressed centre wheels an enviable reputation for safety, quality and consistency.

The wheels carry the DSA 428, SUVA 216 and KdM 293 safety certificate numbers. This is the users guarantee that Flexovit wheels have been tested in accordance with the world’s highest safety standards.

Flexovit does not use materials which are known to be hazardous. Flexovit depressed centre wheels are manufactured from the highest quality raw materials. The combination of advanced manufacturing processes with the finest raw materials produces a range of products which are cost effective against any competitor.

Flexovit products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001.

Wheels of standard specification and size are supplied from stock.

Resinoid-bonded Grinding Wheels

Flexovit resinoid-bonded grinding wheels are used for machining metals, stone and concrete. Flexovit resinoid-bonded grinding wheels are designed for use in foundries and steelworks, as well as in the steel, concrete and stone processing industry.