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Exhauster Packages

SRE packaged exhauster units
Each SRE series packaged exhauster combines a Roots exhauster unit discharging oil-free air with an electric motor, vee-belt drive, primary and secondary discharge silencers, vacuum relief valve and emergency stop button. All of these components are mounted on a rigid baseplate and contained within a practical acoustic enclosure, which silences the machine to 75 dbA when measured under free field conditions.

Advantages offered by the SRE range are:

  • Superior performance and relibility
  • Very low noise emissions
  • Ease of installation & pre-certified drawings
  • Short lead times
  • Competitive prices resulting from the use of common components and standardisation.
  • Packages meet the EC machinery directive and will be fully CE marked when optional motor starter is included.


Cast Iron frame IP 55 drive motors are specified with class ‘F’ insulation, yet with temperature rise conservatively limited to 80°C even when fully loaded. Low applied load factors also combine to ensure a high degree of reliability in operation.

Reliability is at the heart of every SRE package in the form of a Dresser Roots URAI exhauster. These units are precision machined on the latest CNC equipment, which ensures close tolerances between the impellers, casing and headplates. This results in reduced back slippage of air with improved efficiency and reliability. The exclusive ‘Figure 8’ gearbox design in the blowers improves lubricant distribution and lengthens bearing and gear life. All bearings are sized for extended life. Vee-belt loads are carried by cylindrical roller bearings.

The powder coated steel acoustic enclosure is an integral part of each SRE package. It is highly durable, attractively styled and provides easy access for periodic maintenance through the hinged lockable lid.

All SRE series packages are fitted with vacuum relief safety valves or vacuum switches. The internal system pipework is complete from suction inlet to the discharge connection.

Selecting the exhauster you need is very easy!

The SRE range incorporates a high level of pre-engineering. This results in a standardised packaged exhauster series with pre-selected capacities at inlet vacuums to 500 millibar. Primary and secondary discharge silencers are installed beneath the base plate.