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Diesel Compressors

Since the company introduced the first portable air compressor in 1902 Ingersoll-Rand has established a reputation as worldwide market leader based on innovation and quality products, with a firm commitment to research, development and investment in the latest computer controlled design and manufacturing techniques.

Engineering Design

The rigorous demands of the construction industry with regard to reliability, productivity, application, adaptability and environmental requirements have been designed into the full range of Ingersoll-Rand portable air compressors to meet all the customers expectations.

Factory Fitted Options

A comprehensive range of factory fitted options has been developed to ensure the portable air compressors have total product flexibility to meet the variable demands of construction site applications.

  • Aftercooler with water separator
  • Pure air filters
  • Integral lubricators
  • Cold start kits -20°C
  • Dual pressure switch
  • Spark arrestors
  • Air intake shut off valve
  • Integral generator -4/6.5kVA
  • Air filter pre-cleaner
  • Shipping or permanent skid mounted
  • Running gear towing eye sizes
  • Discharge check valve