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Resinoid-bonded Mounted Points
Flexovit resinoid-bonded mounted points are used for machining cast iron, high-alloy steels and stainless steel.

They are designed for use in foundries, the construction industry, the machine and equipment engineering industry, coachwork factories and the stainless steel industry.

Quality designation
Flexovit’s quality designation for resinoid-bonded mounted points corresponds with that used in international standards.

Peripheral speeds
In general, the maximum peripheral speed at which resinoid-bonded mounted points, in combination with high-speed portable machines, are used is 45 m/s. In specific cases, when special applications are involved, the peripheral speed may be different.


Vitrified-bonded Mounted Wheels
Flexovit vitrified-bonded mounted points are used for machining several types of steel.

Flexovit resinoid-bonded mounted points are primarily designed for use in the instrument engineering industry.

Flexovit vitrified-bonded mounted wheels are made from special aluminium oxide (pink) and are eminently suited for machining alloyed steels, cast iron, unhardened steels and stainless steel.

Flexovit vitrified-bonded mounted wheels come in cylindrical shapes (W shapes) and several A shapes.

Tungsten Carbide Burrs

Manufactured from premium grade Tungsten Carbide.

Flexovit Carbide Burrs are produced on ultramodern high precision CNC machines which consistently produce optimum flute forms thus ensuring rapid stock removal and extended life.

Flexovit Carbide Burrs are suitable for machining a wide variety of materials, such as aluminium, cast iron, alloy steels, nickel, brass, copper, bronze, stainless steels, titanium alloys, zinc alloys, various plastics, etc.

Flexovit Carbide Burrs are stocked throughout the range in the DoubleCut flute style for speedy delivery.

Double-Cut fluting offers the best combination of performance, control and finish, for most metals.

Aluminium and softer materials require a more open flute style, and for these we offer our standard ALUCut Burrs.

Flexovit Carbide Burrs can be used with both high frequency electric and air powered grinders, and will perform excellently in both handheld and machine tool operations provided the cutters are firmly gripped and the spindles run concentrically without vibration.

Flexovit offers a regrind service which has been proved to be cost effective for large consumers of the carbide burrs. A minimum quantity of 50 pieces per order is required.

Prefered stock sizes are shown with bold code numbers. Unless otherwise specified all burrs will be supplied with Double-Cut fluting, except when ALU-cut style is demanded. Other flute styles and sizes are available on request.

This display box contains a selection of 24 carbide burrs with 6 mm dia. shanks and DOUBLE-cut flutes.