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Creating the finest quality products is one way to keep you ahead of the competition. Because superior products are made with superior equipment, it is necessary to keep that equipment running smoothly.

Take compressed air, for example. There are certain quantities of water and solid particles found in ambient air. When this air becomes compressed, the contaminants remain. If not removed from the compressed air, the water and solid contaminants can be harmful to your pneumatically operated equipment. Also, through the compression process, the air becomes hot – too hot for standard filtration. The end result is poor product quality.

Ingersoll-Rand can alleviate this problem with the ABC series of air-cooled aftercoolers, and the WBC series of water-cooled aftercoolers. Through the action of cooling the air, water condenses and drains away, taking many of the other contaminants with it.

The result is cleaner, cooler air that, combined with further filtering and drying, will provide the best quality air and maximise the performance of your air operated processes.