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PVDF Distributor

Fluoropolymer Lined – Vessels Accessories

MB Plastics provides a full design and manufacture service for most vessel and column internals and accessories.

The most cost effective materials of construction can be decided upon after full evaluation of the clients process conditions.

The company also provides a complete installation and testing service.

MB Plastics has the facilities to carry out full mass transfer hydraulic design for client scrubbing


  • Agitators/Mixers

    PTFE Lined Scrubber Column

    Pall Ring Packing

  • Dip Pipes
  • Thermowells
  • Sight Glass
  • Level Indicators
  • FILTERS/Strainers
  • Flowmeters
  • Distributors
  • Support Plates
  • Feed/Sparge Pipes
  • Bed Limiters
  • Hold Down Grids
  • Collection Plates
  • Packings
  • Mass Transfer Hydraulic Design