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Motherwell Bridge Engineering has an established track record built up over many decades in the engineering of major projects within the hydrocarbon processing and industrial processes involving process plant and the handling and transfer of bulk liquids.

Electrical and Instrumentation Design

Motherwell Bridge Engineering provides complete design across a diverse nature of industries for electrical, instrumentation and control contracts comprising

  • process control and system design
  • distributed control systems
  • supervisory control and data acquisition systems
  • electronic and pneumatic control
  • field process instrumentation and electrics
  • electrical power generation and distribution
  • hazardous area application
  • fire and gas detection systems


Supported by extensive 2D and 3D CAD systems including AutoCAD release 14, Autoplant and Pro-Engineer


Finite Element Stress Analysis

Motherwell Bridge Engineering offers Finite Element Stress Analysis using the Display III and NISA II suite of programmes. Modelling of shell, plate and beam type structures is available through the interactive graphic capability or, alternatively, from an Autocad generated drawing. This combined with the experience of the company’s engineers makes it faster. In the assessment of the remaining life of a vessel or other structure, finite element may be utilised to probe in detail the prevailing conditions. In conjunction with Fracture Mechanics this can then be used to access fitness for purpose.



Motherwell Bridge Engineering designs pipework and pipework systems produced in a variety of steels and GRP associated with the company’s product range.


Process Design

Motherwell Bridge Engineering designs loading and unloading pipework and pumping systems associated with storage tanks, spheres and pressure vessels. This covers a range of products handled including liquid nitrogen, oxygen, LNG, ethylene, ethane, propane, propylene, LPG, ammonia as well as the associated refrigeration systems for ethylene, through to ammonia in addition to products stored and handled at ambient temperature and pressure.


Refrigerated Storage Tanks

Motherwell Bridge Engineering designs refrigerated vertical storage tanks for the bulk storage of liquefied gases.


Spherical Storage Vessels

Motherwell Bridge Engineering designs spherical storage vessels up to 26 metres in diameter to store LPG, Propylene and VCM at Ambient temperatures.


Storage Tanks

Motherwell Bridge Engineering designs a wide range of fixed roof storage tanks in steel and GRP for a variety of products including fuels, chemicals, petrochemicals and water


Crude Oil Storage Tanks

Motherwell Bridge Engineering designs floating roof storage tanks capable of storing up to 1.5 million barrels of crude oil.


Thermal Design

Motherwell Bridge Engineering designs thermal insulation systems, particularly for low temperature applications below zero degrees centigrade, for liquid storage and pipeline systems.


Heat Exchangers

Motherwell Bridge Engineering designs shell and tube heat exchangers in a wide variety of materials to TEMA standards