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Motherwell Bridge Engineering – Clayton Walker Gasholders has a proven expertise built up through decades of providing a comprehensive design, fabrication and installation service for gasholders and seals, maintenance, repair and conversion services to clients worldwide.


Column Guided & Spiral Guided Gasholders

Water sealed type gasholders within steel or concrete tank. F irst column guided holder – 1862. Spiral holders pioneered by Claytons to reduce maintenance costs and improve accessibility of guide carriages. Store town gas, natural gas and industrial gases. Range in size from a few cubic metres to 350,000 cubic metres capacity.


M.A.N. Waterless Gasholders

Floating piston type within a fixed tank construction. Oil and tar sealing systems. Dry storage of gas – no freezing problems. Constant working pressure up to 1000 millimetre water gauge. Limited groundspace and foundations required. Internal corrosion avoided by coating of seal liquid.


Klonne Dry Seal Gasholders

Extensively used on blast furnace plants. Piston type with lubricated packing ring seal. Constant working pressures. Dry storage of gas. Savings in foundation costs particularly on bad ground.


Wiggins Dry Seal Gasholders

Dry storage of gas – no freezing problems down to -40oC. Minimal maintenance requirements. Low foundation costs. Suited to remote control of operation. Constant working pressure. Range of rubber and synthetic seal materials available to suit a variety of applications.

  • Consultancy Service – to advise on all aspects of storage requirement.
  • Full Turnkey – supervision or management service for installation.
  • Inspection Service – for existing gasholders.
  • Fast Replacement – for seals and other components.
  • Maintenance and Repair Contracts – for all gasholder types.
  • Conversions – from all types to Wiggins holders to give improved performance and minimised cost of operation.