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Quality Assurance

Quality Records – Compilation and Referencing

Records shall be compiled coincidental with the activity to which they relate. All records, including those generated by sub-contractors/suppliers shall be compiled, indexed and uniquely identified to the contract and specific work activity.

Records defined in the contract as being required by the Customer shall be collated and be available at contract completion, the satisfactory review of records by the customer shall constitute an element of the acceptance procedure.

The retention times for records shall be agreed with the customer in writing subject to complying with statutory requirements.

MB Material Handling Systems Responsibility

Acceptance by the Customer of MB Material Handling Systems quality assurance arrangements or those of its sub-contractors will not relieve MB Material Handling Systems of it’s obligations to provide services which meets the requirements of the contract.

Quality Assurance Credentials

The company is an established member of The British Quality Foundation and in September 1993 was awarded the BSEN ISO 9001 certificate of accreditation, Certificate number 93/2882, the assessment body being SGS Yarsley, an internationally recognised member of Accredited Certification Bodies.

Quality Assurance Statement

MB Material Handling Systems are committed to an ongoing policy of Quality assurance which will ensure customer satisfaction and profitability through good business practices.

This will be achieved by ensuring that all activities undertaken are in accordance with:

British Standard BS EN ISO 9001:1994 Part 1 (Formerly BS5750)

“Model for Quality Assurance in specification for Design/Development, Production, Installation and Servicing”.

Quality Assurance Personnel

MB Material Handling Systems shall appoint an experienced and competent quality management representative supported by competent and experienced personnel, to ensure effective implementation of the approved Quality Assurance Programme and quality plan requirements.

Submission of Documents

MB Material Handling Systems shall submit documents for review and appropriate endorsement by the Customer as required by the contract.

A schedule of drawings and documents for comment or appropriate endorsement with appropriate time limits shall be submitted to the customer which shall be maintained by MB Material Handling Systems to indicate up to date status and revision of each document.

Control of Sub-Contractors and/or suppliers

MB Material Handling Systems shall be responsible for specifying relevant quality assurance arrangements of these and for ensuring they comply with such arrangements.

MB Material Handling Systems shall ensure that all appropriate technical information is extracted from the contract documentation and passed on to the sub-contractor/supplier.

MB Material Handling Systems shall only place work in accordance with the agreed schedule submitted with the tender or in accordance with agreed changes following submission of a revised schedule.

Monitoring of Contract Work

During the course of the work, recognition is made that the customer has the right to monitor the implementation of MB Material Handling Systems quality assurance arrangements. This may be by surveillance of activities at the work locations and where appropriate by formal audits. Customer representatives will be afforded unrestricted access and facilities at all reasonable times to carry out this work.

It is also recognised that the Customer may reserve the right to monitor any sub-contractor’s activities and MB Material Handling Systems shall ensure that the sub-contractors are informed in the event of this requirement.

No part of the work shall be repaired or spoilt work corrected without prior written approval from the customer. Any deviation from specification shall be dealt with as a concession request which shall be submitted for approval on company or contract specific forms. Customer approved copies of which shall be filed with the contract quality record document pack.

Inspection and Testing

Inspection and testing shall be by suitably qualified and experienced personnel independent of those having direct responsibility for the work being performed.

Work shall not proceed beyond operations requiring verification (including release of material from stores) until it has been verified as conforming to specified requirements.